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Helping You to Raise Achievement in English and Whole School Literacy

Does it seem impossible to make staff and students feel passionate about reading, writing, speaking and listening? Is your centre's pathway to improved literacy littered with obstacles? Let us help you to turn your millstones into milestones.

Pathways to SuccessWe provide effective, practical yet inspirational advice to raise achievement in exams and to raise student confidence in coping with the everyday curriculum. To see how cost and learning effective our service is, click  onto the Pathways or Charges milestone or read other educationalistsí views in Testimonials.

View our Charging OptionsIt is relatively cheap to raise achievement in English and literacy. Statistically, if just five subjects embrace literacy, achievement across your whole centre will make a marked improvement. To find a solution for your learning needs that comes within budget, simply click on the green milestone or pick Charges from the menu on the left.


Nitty Gritty Learning specialises in getting things going and sustaining momentum, having inspired staff and students time and time again. We devise effective whole school literacy strategies, tailor English and literacy CPD to centre needs, plan with your lead teachers and teach intervention classes.

A combination of these gives you a meaningful plan of action to help you skip merrily along that pathway to raised achievement. Whether looking to improve your English results at GCSE or searching for ways to raise the literacy standards of your students, read on to see how to pass those milestones to success.