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Our Charges

      See the bottom of the list for current discounts.



    Whole School Literacy: full day


    Whole School Literacy: half day


    English Issues: full day


    English Issues: half day


    PLANNING SESSIONS                                
    Full day 600.00
    Half day 350.00



    Whole class for full day 500.00
    Whole class for half day 350.00
    1:2 full day only 250.00
    Full day (per class or 2 classes in same day) 650.00
    Half day (covers 1 class but ideas can be customised) 350.00

    Customised ideas lead to adjustments in price, so, if unsure, feel free to email as this is more likely to lead to a reduction than an increase. Some current reductions - 10 days of 1:2 intervention can be booked for 2,250, saving centres 250 for this intervention package.

    10 days of any combination of the above strategies, taken as half or full days as needed, can be booked in advance for 5,000.

    To book a free consultation to discuss your students' English or Literacy needs further, either email lkempsey@nittygrittylearning.co.uk 

    or call 07751976117.

    The Nitty Gritty Learning Office
    1 Redgate House
    Redgate Bank
    Co Durham
    DL13 3HH

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