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It is true that many teachers can come up with great English and whole school literacy ideas, but without a strategy, they can fall on fallow ground and a lot of hard work and planning can go to waste.

In an initial free consultation, our lead consultant, Lynda Kempsey, will help you to identify the specifics of what is holding your learners back and plan an effective pathway to success.

You might feel one approach will suffice or opt for a combination. Browse the options below, but feel free to suggest other ways you feel she could help: after all, your centre is unique.  For more information about Lynda Kempsey click on Testimonials and About Us.

 CPD - either departmental for English or whole school for Literacy.

Training is focused but flexible: you decide the aims of the session(s), the best time for delivery, how many staff you would like to be involved and whether it should be in school or out.  Choose one off training or have Lynda work with you as a floating adviser to create a strategic approach for school improvement.


 PLANNING AND SUPPORT SESSIONS - useful for all levels of support, whether mentoring NQTs or planning for whole school improvement.

These sessions are very intense, but always appreciated. They cut right to the heart of your staff and students' specific needs. Lynda will neither thrust another action plan at you, nor be critical, but will work with you to effect a positive change and sustain the benefits long term. One off sessions are useful for those who want to sound out their concerns and hear possible solutions before introducing these to staff or students; while longer term partnerships, with regular sessions booked over twelve months, ensure that your plan of action keeps its momentum and that review is more fruitful.


iNTERVENTION SESSIONS: whole class or 1:2

Lynda works with either whole classes or with one or two students per hour for a more focused style of support. Again, all English or Literacy needs can be addressed, whether maximising knowledge prior to an exam or fixing a literacy weak spot. Cross curricular issues can also be addressed, such as perfecting writing style appropriate to text type.


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