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Rid Yourself of Marking Headaches

Lynda Kempsey is an experienced examiner offering a marking service for English Language GCSE mocks. In order to keep this process useful, she creates an examiner's report exploring how your students performed and, if required, staff training on how to maximise marks for the AQA English Language exams. Each script is annotated in detail so teachers can see where their students strengths and weaknesses lie and incorporate this into their future planning.

Initially, staff can contact Lynda to discuss the marking bundle that would be preferred, data capture deadlines and numbers involved.

Staff CPD focusing on examiners' knowledge of how to maximise marks in AQA Language Papers 1 and 2 can also be booked separately, without using the marking service for students.

This marking is not 'farmed out' to anyone else so that quality is assured. It is best to book well in advance for marking services as it is a popular option for English departments wishing to relieve some of the marking pressure arising form 4 exams across Language and Literature. See Charges for fees of marking services