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The course was really informative and gave tips and resources which can be implemented easily when teachers return to school. Personally, I thought the course was brilliant. It has made me think of new ideas and inspired me to try new things out. I am running two training sessions soon for a joint authority training day and I will be able to use some of the resources and ideas I gained at your training for this.Brilliant!

Emma Cox feeding back on Jan 9th's training at the Dales' Centre.
Literacy Co-ordinator and Teacher of English Macmillan Academy

"Many thanks for a most informative and enjoyable CPD session. It gave me an informed insight into the complexity of issues the English department face when preparing students for the rigours of the GCSE English coursework and examination. I really enjoyed the afternoon session."

Alan Hordon
The English Link Governor at Kenton School regarding June 17th, 09's training.

"In her capacity as a KS3 English Tutor for PGCE Teacher Trainees, I have always been impressed by the quality of Lynda’s preparation and delivery of English lectures.

Her subject knowledge is excellent and she has been able to confidently demonstrate how theory can be implemented in a KS3 setting and across the curriculum.

I have always found her to, not only, be a caring person, but one who is passionate about her subject. Her philosophy and pedagogy are sound. She is forward thinking and is very easy to work alongside.

She is most professional and positive in all aspects of her work.

Carole Hancocks
Lead English Tutor (High Force Education)
Head Teacher (Harrowgate Hill Primary School)

"Any CPD that Lynda has delivered has been informative, useful and everyone is assured that it is not only based on sound educational theory and strategy but that it has been tried and tested.

Lynda has proven herself to be a first class Curriculum Leader for English who is engaging and constantly seeks ways of helping others to develop

Nikki Prince
Director of Support - Longfield School

"Lynda has been a very successful Head of English.  She has excellent subject knowledge and a real grasp of the key issues facing English Departments today.

We have worked closely together and I have always found her to be conscientious in her work and extremely supportive of her colleagues, who respect and value her support.

Val Rayner
Teaching and Learning Advisor (Secondary English)

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